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Comfort Food

devaun - March 1, 2017 - 0 comments

At 10:36 PM on Sunday I walked into my house for the night. By my house, I mean my sister and brother-in-law’s house where I await my lease in Durham to end. Long story. At this time, they and their seven children were already sleeping. Adorable, yet so quiet!

I was home from a life chat at Sonic where, ironically, I experienced the practical application of the short talk I had just given to our middle schoolers five hours prior.

Since moving to Summerville to work at Ashley Ridge Church, I’ve felt a little bit of a void. I love my job and while I love coming to work each day, my other people—my fellow Blue Devils—and I had a great thing going before I moved. We studied together. We laughed together. Shoot, we even passed the wine bottle together! It was a really good time and really great experience. That piece, or something very similar, has been missing since I moved and I wanted it back.

Sunday night after Students, I found myself at Sonic with a new friend who is in the same stage of life as I. We talked about how the days of having a constant flow of people around to hang out with (usually past midnight) after football or basketball games was probably over. We talked about our gradual independence and our future plans. What used to be is no more, but that’s alright; we’re exactly where we’re supposed to be. We’re trading in old for new. That’s life and that’s progress. Some call it growing up.

My talk tonight with our students was based off of 2 Corinthians 1:3-4, about how comfort is driven by community. We don’t run from our problems, we invite others to walk through them with us. We were not meant to be alone. As we put it at Ashley Ridge, “Life is better together.” And there I was, sitting in a Sonic stall with a peer for almost two hours talking about life and next steps. I could finally breathe. I got it all out. I wasn’t alone in this community of married people with houses and kids. This person, my community, made me much more comfortable to step into this new stage that I felt outside of.

Practice what you preach, much?

Until now, I hadn’t had a really good chance to fully process or unload how I’ve been outside of an “eh, good” or “well, okay” response because I didn’t actually give anyone a quality answer or the time to listen. I’m so thankful I was able to push that limit tonight and find rest in God’s voice through friends.

Chances are, someone is going through the same things you are. I bet that person would love to talk to you as much as you to them. Let’s move out from our places of seclusion and allow people to experience the nitty gritty of our lives with us. Let’s make time for one another. If community drives our comfort, conversation must drive our community.

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