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Embrace the Chaos

devaun - September 12, 2017 - 0 comments

Let me be honest with you. Last week sucked.

As crass as it may sound, that is the best way I can describe it without stretching. And believe me, I could stretch.

My week started off just fine. Church on Sunday, a solid Labor Day, and then Tuesday came up and took it all. I’ll spare you the details but what you need to know is that between my work to-do and my personal to-do, none of it was to-done. Bad news and technical difficulties threw curve balls at my life. And perhaps because sports were never my thing, I didn’t catch any of them.

Should I mention the doomsday prep for the approaching hurricane? Add that to the list.

Waiting on Thursday to come so my week could be over and I could lock myself in my apartment with the communion juice (Kidding. We use grape juice for communion!), our staff team began making preparations for an alternate service since we couldn’t be on the school premises during the pre-mature, two-day closure. Instead, we decided to hold a music and prayer service at the development where our building will be. Initially, I didn’t want a service. I wanted to sleep. Don’t judge me. But this worked out. What better place to feel gloomy than under the dark skies of an approaching storm?

Fast forward to the service. We’ll just assume I dealt with everything creating the grey cloud above my head.

We gathered to pray and sing. The weather was as good as it could have been in our conditions. Our pastor spoke about the importance of being still while God works through the chaos in Psalm 46. This idea of God working through the chaos is kind of a trigger for me. I remember my first days of seminary, being reminded that in the beginning – even in the chaos – God created life and called it good. God tamed the chaos. We, people, were called good and placed in the care of God from then on.

If you want to speak my love language, words of affirmation won’t cut it. I’m an action-driven person and need to see things lived out. Walk your talk. I’m shown frequently that God knows this about me.

As we sang our final song, I looked over and one of our people was going crying. Before I knew it, a member of her small group went over and clinged to her neck. They held one another through the entire song. Someone, also living in their own hurricane, immediately knew they weren’t alone. In her chaos, she was shown love. I call that God at work. Actions.

Though her situation had nothing to do with me, I felt God in that place. I sometimes get caught up in the doing and the getting that I lose sight of the fact that I, too – Devaun – was created out of the chaos. I, too – Devaun – was called good by God. God is still at work in the midst of my chaos and didn’t stop because I had a bad week. And so, in these moments of frustration and displeasure, I’ll slow down. I’ll seek more ways to encounter God and be reminded that I am not forgotten.

It is my prayer that as your flood waters rise and your life continues through the tension of work and home, you take a moment and remember who loved you first. Take a moment to engage the God who wakes you up every morning. It will be in those moments that you realize you are cared for and were purchased out of love when fighting the chaos bore a cost. You are loved. God has not forgotten about you.

Slow down.

Embrace the chaos.

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