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Finding Your Green Room

devaun - August 13, 2015 - 0 comments

After set-up each week at Ashley Ridge Church, we pray. We thank God for our people, we pray for our ministry, and for the people who walk through our doors and who will hopefully accept Jesus. I enjoy that time because you can feel the Holy Spirit moving through our volunteers who are “sold out” for Jesus. It’s a great way to start a Sunday morning.

About two minutes before the service begins, the worship band and preacher that Sunday gather backstage in the “green room” to pray for the service and that God will guide them through their gifts and words to reach other people.

There was one particular service I was in the green room and got this out-of-control-and-totally-awesome fire inside of me. I kind of get excited about church a lot, but this experience resonated with me through the whole service.

I sang the songs and heard the message and the fire stayed. I left the church that day was ready to start going up to people asking if they knew Jesus. I definitely don’t advocate for that kind of evangelism, so that was out of the question. I was left with this burning sensation to go out and do. To go out and tell the world who Jesus is and pray that they will come to discover the person who offers me so much in my times of both despair and fortune.

I realized that this experience was doing more than just getting me excited about ministry. It, in itself, was a lesson that we should be excited about ministry. We should be excited to go into the world and reach people through our actions and our personal testaments. In order to do this, we need a reason.

It’s really easy and church-like to say that we should be excited simply because Jesus took over the world for us, but that doesn’t always do it. We, as disciples who proclaim a great God, need to find that thing in our spiritual journey that makes us want to tell the world. For me, it was praying in a dark area of the stage right before the service happened. It’s working for a church and taking part in worship. It’s seeing the people we ideated for each week come up and express how excited they are to revamp the student ministry so they feel God’s love, too. So many things do it for me.

What area of your church are you able to get excited to do ministry? What way are you able to contribute to that area to keep it alive and flourishing? Where can you find your green room?

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