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devaun - September 4, 2014 - 0 comments

There is so much going on in my life right now I can hardly take it in. I am returning as an RA, I have a new design job, brand new classes, new friends, and the list goes on. I am so thankful for the opportunities that God has given me to excel in my future career (whatever that may be) and the talents he has given me to pursue them. This year has started off, thus far, on a very fast note. I am taking a few classes and have a number of extra-curricular activities going on. I can’t complain though, I signed up for all of it. I love being busy. I love having things to fill my day with as I observe how other people live their lives and the impact that I, and other people, may have in the world.

I have recently found it extremely encouraging to watch fans, alumni, and students of Clemson come together for a something so simple as a football game. Thousands of people (80,000 of your closest friends) come together to pack into a stadium to cheer on the Tigers only because they love Clemson or pay a lot of money to have someone on that field. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Death Valley experience and can’t wait until this Saturday when we defeat SC State, but let’s take this a little deeper. Let’s talk about passion. All of these people, and myself, have a passion for Clemson. Some go so far as to pay extra money to sit in very nice, air-conditioned seats to watch the game (one day!) – their passion. What if we did the same thing, but with something else? What if we above and beyond and did that with something that could change the world for good?

When picking RA Duty nights this semester I chose a majority of them while looking at the football schedule. What if we worked around the church schedule or planned other things to do with free time in a similar way? How often are we willing to drive for four hours to serve at a soup kitchen all day? How often do we take off work early on Friday to beat the traffic driving to a homeless shelter to pass out blankets? I’m going to say not very often. I’m guilty. I put so much over my conviction to spread the word and love of God to the world – his UNCONDITIONAL love to ALL of His people. Am I not passionate about the love that our God gives us? Well, sure! Do I always show it? Ummmm…maybe not so much. My priorities are not in line with my passion. That needs to change. I need to get out there and show people that hope is real, that it can get better and if doesn’t then there is a reason and God has a plan regardless. I need to act on my passion.

Now, I am definitely not saying that we shouldn’t go to football games, or spend Saturdays enjoying ourselves after a hard work week. I am simply saying that we could do so much more if we channeled some of our energy other places. What if we all did that? Imagine the change we could make even from one, single Saturday. Imagine the change our new passion could make. Imaging how the Christians could change the world with their passion.

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